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Corona Virus Update — Company Hotline – 877 342 3908


Corona Virus Update — Company Hotline for COVID 19 is 877 342 3908

To the membership,

Today at 2pm your committee met with facilities and Labor relations for a daily briefing on the Covid 19 virus and what is being done to keep your workplace safe and healthy. The discussion also included actions the Facilities team is taking in response to the national shortage of supplies.

Facilities stated that cleaning kits are being deployed to closed areas for employees to utilize for wipe down consisting of wipes and buckets. Some of these kits have already been deployed. Wipe pull stations: Buildings 153, 154, 156, 157 and Sprayer and wipes were deployed to Buildings 158, 179

The company will also be looking to manufacture their own hand sanitizers and refills for the bay area locations. They are currently working with ESH to obtain the proper approvals to do so. Protective glass will be installed where needed such as the visitors center and where there is heavy customer service traffic.

Last Friday March 20th a cleaning crew from Western Exterminator came in to perform Precautionary cleaning in the NIROP during an A track Friday. Over the weekend the Union was informed that an individual had tested positive for the virus.

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