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Union Report 3/20/2020 Temp Union workers / ABM management


To the membership,

Temp Union Workers


Earlier this week ABM management came to your Union and stated that they had employees laid off at other locations temporarily.

The union told the company that these temporary workers would have to become part of the Union while they were here, pay dues and be subject to the same provisions of your bargaining agreement.

Upper management agreed and informed these temp employees of this, the Union does not like to see anyone laid off even temporarily. These new members will help you with your assignments and share your workload.

DHS Response to the Governor

The Department of Homeland Security in response to the Governors letter has identified your work as essential to the defense industry. All members will receive a letter to identify this; it is important to keep this letter on you while commuting to and from work.

We will get through this Pandemic together one day at a time.


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