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Corona Virus Update 3/24/2020

Corona Virus Update — Company Hotline for COVID-19 is 877 342 3908

To the membership,

Today at 2pm your committee met with facilities and Labor relations for a daily briefing on the Covid 19 virus and what is being done to keep your workplace safe and healthy.

This morning a portion of B181 was sanitized, although no one has tested positive for the virus, the Company performed a precautionary and proactive cleaning of the area. The Company continues to demonstrate by working with your committee that your health and welfare are their first priority.

It is important that if you feel sick, please stay home; call your manager, and the hotline. We know some of you are nervous about the virus and you have made this clear to us. If you are uncomfortable working right now, you may be excused form your job and take time off using your paid absence leave, vacation, or unpaid leave, check with your department management to obtain approval to do so.

The company and Your Union are doing the best that we can to make your workplace safe; remember that the US Government considers our work essential and is exempt from the Shelter in Place order from both the County and the Governor.

The question came up about virus testing in the workplace; Lockheed won’t be getting the tests – the best tool if you fear you have the virus or have come in contact is to call the Hotline at the top of the page and your primary care physician for guidance.

Facilities and Safety are also looking into some other concerns brought up about areas where employees may be in close proximity and where common areas of personal contact may currently exist; they will look into these and make appropriate changes where possible. Remember to keep a 6ft distance between you and others and wash those hands regularly and frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds!

The Company will continue to follow or exceed CDC guidelines to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible to work in the plant.

Your Union and the Company meet daily. Please send your concerns to Dimas Resendez, Kim Hamilton Alarcon, Brian Babcock, Rod Thole and David Johnson in SCF.



Kevin Lee
408 829 4563

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