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Corona Virus Update 3/25/2020

Corona Virus Update — Company Hotline for COVID 19 is 877 342 3908

To the membership,

Today at 2pm your committee met with Labor relations for a daily briefing on the Covid 19 virus and what is being done to keep your workplace safe and healthy.

Stennis, and ATC will be responding to the Covid 19 pandemic by manufacturing hospital gowns and other medical equipment. LM Space at Eastern Range should be returning to work soon, as it has been determined that they are also considered essential to national defense.

There is good news to report, as there have been no new confirmed cases of the virus on LM Space locations in the Bay Area reported today. And to our knowledge, no proactive precautionary cleaning has been performed.

There was further discussion about our members who once receiving the LMI Robo call to return to work did not understand the “essential” employee designation; the company is evaluating these on a case by case basis. Make sure you were charged to the KNDS charge number for time missed, it has been agreed that there was some confusion, unless directly ordered by management to return to work, contact us if you have any questions.

Staggered shifts, 9/80, and 4/10 work weeks were discussed, as well as ways to space employees apart within the locations to comply with the CDC requirement for social distancing. Remember the best things to do is limit your contact with others to the best of your ability. Keep a distance of 6 feet or better, continue to wash your hands often. If you need wipes and cleaners for your work area, speak up and request them from management. If you are not comfortable coming into work right now, remember to talk with management and take time off as needed.

Some members are concerned about being moved to B/182 in order to spread out the work force; the Department steward and management will work on an alternative and report to the committee.

We all need to remember that not only is the Corona virus in our minds, it is also the cold, flu and allergy seasons as well – with overlapping symptoms, its easy to make medical judgements without having the appropriate degree; it is always best to call the hotline and discuss this with your department management.

Your Union and the Company meet daily. Please send your concerns to Dimas Resendez, Kim Hamilton Alarcon, Brian Babcock, Rod Thole, and David Johnson in SCF.


Kevin Lee
408 829 4563

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