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Union Report 3/26/2020 – Corona Virus Update


Corona Virus Update —  Company Hotline for COVID 19 is 877 342 3908

 Today at 2pm your committee met with facilities and Labor relations for a daily briefing on the Covid 19 virus and what is being done to keep your workplace safe and healthy.

  • If your feel sick, stay home and call the hotline number above
  • Social distancing – keep at least 6 feet between you and others when possible
  • Wash your hands whenever possible for at least 20 seconds

Through your input the Union and the Company are making progress in changing what we do daily for example, daily huddles may be less frequent or eliminated. Tasks may be assigned via email. Shifts and schedules may be adjusted – see your steward and manager about how this may work for your department. Breaks and lunches may also be staggered. Spreading the workforce apart from one location to different buildings is also being considered for one department, the Steward and Management are working on this.

All these actions and more are how we are going to keep the locations safe and healthy. We will keep generating these bulletins to keep you all informed.

The company from time to time may send in specialists to clean near the areas you work in, however, this is for your benefit – these cleanings are precautionary, trying to get ahead of any potential contact or outbreaks; it just makes good sense. If you see them notify a committee member.

As of the meeting today there were no new confirmed cases of corona virus. Some of the employees on quarantine may be returning after they clear in with the Company Doctors.

Facilities personnel investigated the keypad ACAS readers and turnstile cleanliness; they are being cleaned at least once per day. If you must use the keypads and are uncomfortable about it, try using a pen instead of your fingers.

The process for those who don’t feel well is to call the Hotline and discuss your symptoms and how you feel, they will then notify labor relations who will make sure your managers know which charge number to utilize.

I know that I have already said that if you are sick – stay home. For those who are not sick and don’t feel comfortable at work, discuss with your manager and take time off.

Your Union and the Company meet daily except for Fridays. Please send your concerns to Dimas Resendez, Kim Hamilton Alarcon, Brian Babcock, Rod Thole and David Johnson in SCF.



Kevin Lee
408 829 4563

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