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COVID-19 Bulletin 6/22/2020

Case Tracker httpss://insidelm.external.lmco.com/covid-19-space-updates-case-tracker
Corona Virus Update — Company Hotline for COVID 19 is 877 342 3908

Exposure Update – There were no new cases reported today. Last week a member called in with Covid like symptoms, they were tested and found negative and returned to work today. In the meantime building B/176 was cleaned as a precautionary measure.

Misting – The committee received a new schedule today, Future cleanings: June 25th – B/178; June 26th – B/179;
July 1st – B/076. All cleaning will take place between 0300 – 0500

Hand Sanitizers – 3 oz. bottles of hand sanitizers have been depleted; however, refills of sanitizer chemicals are available upon request.

Masks– The Company has clearly stated that the wearing of Masks in the workplace is MANDATORY. Temporary removal of masks is allowed during breaks and lunches away from other employees. If the employees you work around are not wearing masks while working; please call them on it and contact your committee members if they persist. Remember, all employees, LM Space or Contractors, have to wear masks on Company grounds. Paper masks will be available in lobbies for employees that may forget theirs at home; please take one as supplies are limited.

LM Space Mailer – Employees are already starting to receive the mailer includes 2 additional cloth masks from the Company, See Below. IAM Masks – The Union Hall is closed to foot traffic due to the corona virus; Stewards will be passing out the second IAM masks soon. contact your steward for further information.

Fitness Centers are still closed – The fitness centers are closed until further notice however the Employee Connection is hosting virtual work outs via Zoom – see the attached flyers for links to workout sessions.

Symptom Checking Prior to Work –LM Space employees as well as vendors, are to self-check their symptoms prior to coming into the facility. Temperature checking stations are located at all Bay Area locations; B/202 in Palo Alto, B/602 in Santa Cruz, and the Visitors Center in Sunnyvale. If a temperature of 100.4 is indicated you are to go home and contact the hot line.

Employees Returning to Work – Teleworkers are starting to phase back into work effective this week; Employees uncomfortable working on site may need to be on Medical/ Personal leaves of absence after the 4th of July weekend. With employees returning, the emphasis will be moving towards employees working on site. Contact the committee or your management if you have any questions.

Your input continues to be valuable; please continue to pass it on to your stewards, Dimas Resendez, David Johnson, Kimberlee Hamilton Alarcon, Brian Babcock and Rod Thole. Bulletins will also be posted on LL2228 website www.iamll2228.org.

Remember the following:
If someone in your household may have been in contact with someone exposed to the virus – call the Hotline
If you feel sick, stay home, and call the Hotline
If you have been traveling abroad and have returned home, call the Hotline
Social distancing – keep at least 6 feet between you and others when possible including lunch & breaks
Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds
Try not to touch your face or your eyes


Kevin Lee
408 829 4563

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