IAM Local Lodge 2228

For Sunnyvale, Palo Alto and Santa Cruz CA Workers

COVID-19 Bulletin 6/17/2020

Case Tracker httpss://insidelm.external.lmco.com/covid-19-space-updates-case-tracker
Corona Virus Update — Company Hotline for COVID 19 is 877 342 3908

Exposure Update – There were no new cases reported today.

Misting – The committee is waiting for a new schedule.

Hand Sanitizers – 3 oz. bottles of hand sanitizers have been depleted; however, refills of sanitizer chemicals are available upon request.
Masks– The Company has clearly stated that the wearing of Masks in the workplace is MANDATORY. Temporary removal of masks is allowed during breaks and lunches away from other employees. If the employees you work around are not wearing masks while working; please call them on it and contact your committee members if they persist. Remember, all employees, LM Space or Contractors, have to wear masks on Company grounds.

LM Space Mailer – A Mailer will be sent to all space employees. This mailer will include 2 additional cloth masks from the Company, See Below.

IAM Masks – The Union Hall is closed to foot traffic due to the corona virus; Stewards will be passing out the second IAM
masks soon. contact your steward for further information.

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