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8/24/2020 SCF Bulletin

NASA Fire Information for Resource Management System

Santa Cruz Test Base Update – the SVL LRC met with the Company this afternoon to discuss the Test Base and any updates. The company was able to reach out to all 112 employees assigned there and have assured us that they are safe. 11 employees were reported to have worked at Sunnyvale today and more are expected. Employees not assigned who are from the SCF Base will be paid KNDS; this may happen on a day by day basis.

Important: No employees are to attempt to enter the Test Base. It is closed until further notice. Stay in contact with your leadership. We will keep you updated here and on the LL2228 website.

The President and Governor Newsom have declared California a disaster area, FEMA grants may be available. Corporate will notify eligible employees once the disaster relief fund is opened.
The following link is a resource employee can use to find available community aide. It has been posted on the Inside LM page.
I have also reached out to the IAMAW Grand Lodge to access the IAM disaster fund. I will inform you of our progress.

It was reported that a majority of buildings are still erect; however the core team tasked with assesing the site has yet to inspect and report the conditions as they exist. It may be 2 weeks or so for access to be considered safe enough to travel the roads, let alone the lack of power and the fires that are still smoldering. Needless to say, this will take a while before we can resume any kind of operations on site.

There were also questions about whether our customers were notified. We were told that there are meetings ongoing partnering with such customers as to what assignments can be done in Sunnyvale or Palo Alto. We were also told that the appropriate Government agencies most assuredly have been notified. Daily afternoon email updates will be sent to the employees from SCF.

If you have been evacuated and need lodging, the following link may help you and your families to get on your feet temporarily. There are some hotels close to Sunnyvale and San Jose. Of course, if you need time off and you have been assigned work, let your manager know that you may not be ready. If you need help call my number below and we will do what we can to help you.


There are many obstacles and challenges that lie ahead of us before any kind of normal operation is reached. I stated earlier that your leaders and your Union will do all that we can. We have amended our meetings on the covid crisis to also review any daily changes moving forward, today there wasn’t much news except that the lightning strikes anticipated never happened – the area received much needed rain and hopefully things will turn in a more positive direction.

To the Sunnyvale membership: We also have members in the San Jose foothills that have been evacuated as well. Let’s welcome our brothers and sisters from SCF and make them feel at home. We are all in this together.

September LL2228 Meeting Due to the continuing public health care crisis, your Executive Board requested and received permission from the Grand Lodge to cancel the LL2228 meeting for the month of September.


Kevin Lee
408 829 4563
Masks Are still available, see your steward

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