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8/23/2020 Union Bulletin

NASA Fire Information for Resource Management System

Santa Cruz Test Base – there was a zoom meeting held Sunday afternoon at 2pm. Josh Hespeler arranged this meeting to update the situation at the Test Base. Josh stated that he is having meetings daily with Cal Fire. There were possibilities of lightning strikes tonight and stressed how unsafe the area still is. No employees are to attempt to enter the Test Base at this time, It is closed until further notice. Stay in contact with your leadership. Your Union and the Company will keep you updated.

Josh stressed that there are a majority of buildings still standing, however, they will need further assessment by the facilities team once allowed to enter the site to inspect and report on their condition and how safe they are.

The Company has already notified some of our members in facilities, assembly and inspection that they may report to work in the South Bay. Employees not notified to work will continue to be paid on the KNDS charge number on a day by day basis. There may be further assignments as directed, but, we are not at that point yet. There still is a lot to be done.

If you have been evacuated and need lodging, the following link may help you and your families to get on your feet temporarily. There are some hotels close to Sunnyvale and San Jose. Of course if you need time off and you have been assigned work, let your manager know that you may not be ready. I have already received calls from members who have a lot on their plate with their living situation in disarray and are not ready. If you need help call my number below and we will do what we can to help you.


There are many obstacles and challenges that lie ahead of us before any kind of normal operation is reached. I stated earlier that your leaders and your Union will do all that we can. We will be amending our meetings on the COVID crisis to also review any daily changes moving forward.

To the Sunnyvale membership; we also have members in the San Jose foothills that have been evacuated as well. Lets welcome our brothers and sisters from SCF and make them feel at home. There were emails from LM Space leadership addressing the Santa Cruz fire. We are all in this together.

September LL2228 Meeting Due to the continuing public health care crisis, Your Executive Board requested and received permission from the Grand Lodge to cancel the LL2228 meeting for the month of September.


Kevin Lee
408 829 4563

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