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For Sunnyvale, Palo Alto and Santa Cruz CA Workers

Union Report 4/23/2020

Corona Virus Update — Company Hotline for COVID 19 is 877 342 3908

Exposure Update –Two cases where the hotline has been involved, are being monitored. One case we have learned is negative for the virus, the other is pending test results – based on the symptoms’ reported, it’s likely the test will prove to be negative for the corona virus. The point I am making is that through all our discussions, the Company has taken the appropriate steps to identify even the most remote chance of a potential exposure and quarantine until proven and/or cleared to return to work. These employees worked in B/153 and 182. We should know more soon.
$500.00 awards – are still on schedule for May 1st, 2020. Recipients will receive an email notice on Friday; if you do not receive email notification and you were working on site during this period let us know.
Mask -The company presented Dimas Resendez, Rod Thole and I with the first masks which will be mailed to LM space employees. Emails have been sent to instruct you on the proper use of masks this week. Check your emails/speak with your leadership for details. Currently surgical type disposable masks are available to all employees on site. Your Union masks are on order and will be coming soon – see the example below.

REMEMBER Beginning this Monday, April 27, all personnel physically working at a U.S. Lockheed Martin facility will be required to wear a mask. Space has maintained that all personnel working at a Lockheed Martin facility (including employees, contractors, customers and visitors) should continue to wear facial coverings or masks in accordance with state and local guidance. Company Senior leadership is working with your first line leaders to ensure a consistent message and approach within the teams. Wear a mask and be safe.

Break Rooms – it was reported that tape markings have been applied to break room floors, we understand additional conference rooms may be set up as additional break areas. Senior leadership will continue to monitor safety enhancements to the breakrooms/work areas where social distancing is not being observed, let us know if you believe your area needs attention.
Voluntary Infrared Sensor Testing – Dimas, Rod and I participated in the testing which started April 22 in B/157, the company will be testing IR thermometers on a voluntary basis for evaluation.
Medical Production – it was reported that 10,000 gowns have been produced over 2 weeks. A third shift will be added as more medical supplies are needed.
Remember the following:
If you feel sick, stay home and call the hotline number above
Social distancing – keep at least 6 feet between you and others when possible including lunch & breaks
Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds
Try not to touch your face or your eyes
For those who are not sick and don’t feel comfortable at work, discuss this with your manager and take time off – using Unpaid, Paid Absence Leave or Vacation, if approved
The process for those who don’t feel well is to call the Hotline and discuss how you feel. If you are directed to self-quarantine, a notice will be sent to your manager and your labor relations business partner.
Your input continues to be valuable; please continue to pass it on to your stewards, Dimas Resendez, David Johnson, Kimberlee Hamilton Alarcon, Brian Babcock and Rod Thole. Bulletins will also be posted on LL2228 website www.iamll2228.org
We will continue to meet and post bulletins, the Union and the Company are clearly working together to make sure you are safe on the job.

Kevin Lee

408 829 4563

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