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COVID Bulletin 7/29/2020

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Case Tracker httpss://insidelm.external.lmco.com/covid-19-space-updates-case-tracker
Santa Clara County Public Health website httpss://www.sccgov.org/sites/covid19/Pages/dashboard.aspx

Exposure Update – A salaried employee in B/153 has been out of office since 7/24 due to outside exposure. Contact tracing was performed, and those salaried employees were notified and are no longer in the office. There were no hourly employees identified to self-isolate for to contact tracing. Facilities was contacted to clean the area. The employee from B/156 who has been out since 6/18 has been cleared and has returned to work. The B/181 & 182 employee who last worked on July 21 is still out and has not been cleared to return to work. The two represented employees in B/181& 182 who were directed to self-quarantine due to contact tracing have returned to work this week (July 28th & 29th).The cases that are still unresolved are as follows:
• the non-bargaining unit employee who last worked in B/156G on 7/3/2020
• the employee from B/159C in self quarantine since 7/27
We will keep you informed on these cases as we find out more details.

Testing and results – we are also learning that different counties and localities may offer the testing results differently. For example, some areas may take 2 days to return the test results and others as much as 2 weeks. This may explain why some workers may return to work sooner than others. The COVID-19 Space Updates & case tracker does not offer real time information like this bulletin. The case tracker is updated every 1 to 2 weeks and may continue to compile cases that we have discussed here already.

The Decision Tree – There is a change to the process of notifying the company if you may have been exposed to the Corona Virus. Attached is the decision tree identifying this new procedure. Instead of calling the hotline you are to notify your manager and stay home. Your manager will notify the corona virus task force point of contact (refer to attached process flow) who will reach out to you directly. You will be subjected to a brief questionaire, and your answers will be submitted to company medical for further evaluation and guidance. Review the upcoming Covid Digest which will further clarify Q & A regarding this new procedure. See attached slide.

Misting – Misting will be performed on July 29th thru 31, and August 3 & 4 in B/181 & 182 . A reminder to put all personal items away such as drink cups etc. Misting operations occur between 0300- 0500 on the days scheduled.

Masks– The following requirements from the company were sent to the Union this afternoon regarding facial coverings.
Requirement to Wear Facial Coverings/Masks:
• It is generally expected that facial coverings be worn at all times, however, they can be temporarily removed when employees have at least six feet of physical separation such as:
o Being alone in an office or closed working space, Alone while driving a company vehicle
o Outside and maintaining at least six feet of physical separation
o Eating/drinking while maintaining at least six feet of physical separation from others
• Facial coverings must be worn while onsite at any Lockheed Martin facility including but not limited to:
o Hallways, Breakrooms and restrooms, Conferences, and meeting rooms
o During transit through and in the facility
o Anytime personnel are in a common area/spaces where others are present or will be expected to pass by such as:
 Office areas, Manufacturing floors and Labs
Further information can be found on the attached link – httpss://insidelm.external.lmco.com/coronavirus-information-and-resources-lockheed-martin-employees

Symptom Checking Prior to Work –LM Space employees as well as vendors, are to self-check their symptoms prior to coming into the facility. Temperature checking stations are located at all Bay Area locations; B/520 Lobby in Santa Clara, B/202 in Palo Alto, B/602 in Santa Cruz, and the Visitors Center in Sunnyvale. If a temperature of 100.4 is indicated you are to go home and contact your manager.

Please continue to pass on information to the committee: Dimas Resendez, David Johnson, Kimberlee Hamilton Alarcon, Brian Babcock and Rod Thole. Bulletins will also be posted on LL2228 website www.iamll2228.org.

Remember the following:
If someone in your household may have been in contact with someone exposed to the virus – call Your manager
If you feel sick, stay home, and call Your manager
If you have been traveling abroad and have returned home, call Your manager
Social distancing – keep at least 6 feet between you and others when possible including lunch & breaks
Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 secondsTry not to touch your face or your eyes.


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