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Union Report 4/2/2020 Corona Virus Update

4/2/2020 – Corona Virus Update

Company Hotline for COVID 19 is 877 342 3908

While we were discussing your concerns today, Marilyn Hewson’s thank you memo hit my inbox about recognition and thanks to the dedicated employees, mentioning a bonus of up to $500.00 and relaxing the cap on accrued PTO. There is also another commute letter we encourage you to carry, identifying you as employees that provide an essential government function.

There was some discussion today about the new extended order and if the modifications affected our business. According to the customer and Lockheed Legal  the new Shelter in Place Order that was updated and extended to May 3, 2020. Applies to LM Space in the following article and section, “10. Definitions and exemptions …. Further, nothing in this Order shall prohibit any individual from performing or accessing “Essential Governmental Functions,” as determined by the governmental entity performing those functions. Each governmental entity shall identify and designate appropriate employees or contractors to continue providing and carrying out any Essential Governmental Functions. All Essential Governmental Functions shall be performed in compliance with Social Distancing Requirements as defined in this Section, to the extent possible.”

We also discussed  social distancing breaks, and lunches – all employees are urged to remember to practice this when going on breaks and lunches The proximity of employees working in an area with critical operations in progress, HR has met with management stressing the need to accommodate social distancing and to get the work done at the same time, these are challenges to be sure. It is best to remember to wash hands often and if you don’t feel well – to stay home.

As of this meeting there are no new confirmed or presumed cases; also, there is only one represented employee waiting to return from quarantine; this should happen this coming week. Proactive and precautionary cleaning is still being done to keep you safe. The safety committee is still reviewing the data received this week; the company has stated that the disinfectants used are CDC approved for eliminating the Corona Virus.

We brought up concerns regarding the protocol of taking time off, see your manager and if he is not sure of the process have him call Labor Relations with you and your steward. Also asked was the definition of people at risk – this can be found on the  CDC website: People Who Are at Higher Risk for Severe Illness , if you are one of these you may qualify for State Disability Insurance (SDI.) The KNDS charge number requires hotline verification, but the company will review on a case by case basis. There are no meetings scheduled on Fridays, If there is any news, be sure that Labor Relations and I will discuss this and have something for you on Monday. Stay safe and have a good weekend.

Remember the following:

  • If you feel sick, stay home and call the hotline number above
  • Social distancing – keep at least 6 feet between you and others when possible
  • Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds
  • Try not to touch your face or your eyes
  • For those who are not sick and don’t feel comfortable at work, discuss this with your manager and take time off.


The process for those who don’t feel well is to call the Hotline and discuss your symptoms and how you feel. If you are directed to self-quarantine, a notice will be sent to your manager and your labor relations business partner.

Your input has been valuable; please continue to pass it on to your stewards, Dimas Resendez, David Johnson, Kimberlee Hamilton Alarcon, Brian Babcock and Rod Thole. Bulletins will also be posted on LL2228 website www.iamll2228.org


All these actions and more are how we are going to keep the locations safe and healthy. We will keep generating these bulletins to keep you all informed.


Kevin Lee
408 829 4563

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