IAM Local Lodge 2228

For Sunnyvale, Palo Alto and Santa Cruz CA Workers

9/09/2020 COVID Bulletin

Misting operations Most operations are scheduled between 0300-0500 but may vary. It is important to stow away all personal items and drinking cups.
An International Travel Alert – It was reported today that if employees go on personal travel outside of the United States, that they may be subject to self-quarantine without KNDS pay. Please review the LM website link below and read the quote received from Labor Relations, we will continue to discuss this with the company.

“… Since pandemic-related conditions can change quickly, stay aware of any possible travel reason that could inhibit your ability to return to work after personal travel. Specifically, any travel, business or personal, to any US or International (use membership ID 11BCMA000181) location with imposed travel restrictions, which may require an employee to self-quarantine for 14 days upon return from travel. Before traveling, consult multiple sources for updated information on potential entry restriction and follow hygiene and prevention practices during travel.”

The link below contains all current information regarding company requirements during this health crisis:

PDF Version


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